Wait But Who




  • Writing posts every Tuesday every Wednesday about his psychological shortcomings
  • Picking a topic for the week’s post before realizing it’s icky after diving in and thinking “if only I were doing that other topic it would be so much easier”; switching to that other topic and realizing it’s incredibly icky too
  • Opening three Chrome windows with 42 research tabs in each, just short of getting to that stressful zone where you can’t see the icon on the tabs anymore
  • Pacing around in his underwear hating himself
  • Drawing stick figures at a 2nd 4th grade skill level
  • Drawing head circles ten times before finally drawing one that looks normal
  • Not being an expert on things he writes about
  • Getting yelled at by people who think he thinks he’s an expert on things he writes about
  • Getting scolded by people for using profanity in writing
  • Passionately underestimating how long each post will take to do
  • Trying for 75 minutes to fix this table so the two columns are the same width because WordPress hates happiness





  • The business side
  • Trying to figure out what the business side means for a blog
  • Referring to Wait But Why as “a content website,” not a blog
  • Trying to figure out how to make Wait But Why less of a money-flushing toilet
  • Not actually doing the first four bullets because his full-time job is running the company that he and Tim started in 2007 and that takes all of his time
  • Asking Tim to add the above bullet into this list so that people don’t equate his competence with the current look and feel of Wait But Why or its general business situation
  • Occasionally emerging from the depths of his cave to write mini-posts on economics, sports, politics, business, and other things that make him shake his fist
  • Brainstorming post topic ideas with Tim and responding with long phone silences when Tim mentions a post topic that doesn’t interest him
  • Hanging up the phone ten minutes later and being thrilled that doing the actual post is Tim’s problem



  • Alicia Wait But WhoBeing Wait But Why’s Manager of Lots of Things
  • Having a huge bucket of responsibilities dumped on her head daily
  • Teaching herself how to do things because Tim and Andrew don’t know how to do the things she has to do
  • Turning Wait But Why from a land of chaos to a well-organized and on-top-of-its-shit site
  • Treating Tim like an eight-year-old and keeping him on a productive schedule
  • Editing posts
  • Posting Dinner Tables
  • Managing translations, syndication, PDFs, partnerships, and other time-consuming things
  • Helping to figure out what Wait But Why is and where it’s going
  • Saying no to opportunities in the Wait But Why inbox that are ultimately distractions
  • Reading every Game of Thrones book, possibly multiple times each, and following George R. R. Martin on every social media channel that exists
  • Typing 168 words per minute like a psycho

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