Frequently Asked Questions


So what’s the deal with the king?

He’s there, he’s not that sure why, we’re not that sure why, but that’s the situation.

Is Wait But Why a blog or a real website?

Again, we’re not really sure. We want you to think it’s a real website and when you forward the link to someone we don’t want you to say, “Check out this guy’s blog” cause then it seems like it’s just this guy writing and it’s just a blog. We want you to say, “Check out this site” cause then we seem like a bigger deal and it seems like a legit thing. Okay?

Do you guys have jobs?

Maybe you should spend less time asking us judgmental questions and more time realizing that you’re on question 3 of an FAQ page on a procrastination website.

Are you writing Wait But Why to distract yourself from the fact of your own mortality?

Christ. Yeah, probably that is deep down a bit of what’s happening. What the hell kind of question is that?

It just seemed likely.


Anything else?

No. Is there a reason we’re still here?

Oh if you’re ready to leave, by all means let’s leave. I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it since I work here.

Yeah sorry it’s kind of getting weird to be in here alone with you.

Great. You’ve made your point clear. And let’s remember that you chose to come in here and no one is forcing you to stay.

Okay I’m just saying.

Let’s both move on.

Agreed. Bye.